Somatics beginner's course (pre-recorded)

Somatics Beginner’s Course (pre-recorded)

Somatic Movement is a gentle modality, originally developed by Thomas Hanna, which retrains your nervous system to overcome chronic pain caused by trauma, stress, injury or habits. It is a slow, conscious form of physical movement, and is suitable for all abilities. It is also a wonderful way to become more aware of your internal sensations, which is essential for learning new patterns. For more information about what Somatics is and how it works, you can visit this page, or of course you can contact us if you have questions.


Benefits of Somatics:

Reducing chronic pain

Improving posture

Increasing body awareness

Retraining movement patterns

Settling the nervous system

Improving breathing patterns

Increasing sense of grounding and relaxation

Ability to move more freely

Increasing ability to attend effectively to the body’s needs

Lowering the chance of recurring injuries

Re-educating the nervous system in better stillness and movement patterns

Reducing stress and anxiety

Improving range of movement

Alleviating or preventing many functional conditions

Preventing joint degeneration

Learning an empowering practice


What you will learn

  • The basic underlying theory of the Somatics approach
  • Foundational movements which you can practice at home
  • How Somatics supports your unique body
  • An effective way to settle your nervous system
  • How to become more aware of your own body sensations

How we do it?

In these 4x 90-minute, pre-recorded sessions, you will receive a grounding in the Somatics approach, including the basis of the theory underpinning the practice, and experiencing a range of Somatics movements.

This is a highly practical and experiential course - you will need space to lie down on the floor, on a carpet or exercise mat, and preferably with enough space to spread your arms out to the sides (as if you were doing a snow angel!).

Please note This course will be available from late Sept/early Oct 2023. If you order now, you will be sent the recording for each session as soon as it becomes available.

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I am trained to deliver Somatic Movement classes, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. I received my training under Sarah Warren, at the Somatic Movement Center. In my pure Somatics classes, I teach only the Clinical Somatics self-care approach and movements - although I may add some guided relaxation at the ends of the classes.

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Session details

4x 1.5-hour online sessions (via recordings).

Pre-requisites: none.

Suitable for those who are able to lie down on the floor - get in touch if you are unsure.

Exchange: £30 for the 4-session course, as well as all the extra resources you need to get you started with this beautiful practice.

Please note, this course gives a basic grounding in the approach, and enables you to continue to practise for yourself at home - to address specific or complex issues, please get in touch to enquire about 1:1 sessions.

Requirements: preferably a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted; room to lie on the floor (carpet or exercise mat) and spread arms and legs out; enough space on your device to download/stream the resources; ability to get down to the floor to do exercises; ability to lie on your back (this could be propped with cushions if needs be; intention to create space to practise between sessions (optional, but recommended!).

Reflections from Somatics session attendees

“Thank you so much Emilie, I loved it! I never expected to feel so relaxed afterwards. I really enjoyed listening to your recording last night to practice. I’m loving how much concentration and focus it needs to I work out how to do the pandiculation. It’s enough to engage my mind so I’m not away with thinking/worrying and the combination of this and the deep connection with the body seem to allow my system to relax which is really rare. I’m excited to see the effect of the practice on pain and flexibility too.”

“This week I noticed a new internal sensation when I get angry (I feel a tight band of muscles constrict around my upper chest, under my arms). I was quite surprised to feel it! This is great because I can make a mental note to watch for that sensation as a trigger that it’s time to be more intentionally mindful and step away if needed.”

“Thank you Emilie, it’s just been a real revelation, and such a door opening on a whole new sort of physical, mental healing opportunity, so I’m so grateful, just thanks so so much, it’s been brilliant.”

“I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you all and I feel a lot of optimism about the power of CS [Clinical Somatics] to help with ongoing pain and also with my work around calming my nervous system! Thank you for your work in bringing this information to the world.”

“I think your descriptions are so clear - that’s what I’m impressed by, I don’t have to look at you or see what you’re doing, it’s so easy to follow you.”

“You have obviously put so much thought and effort into the course and it really paid off, I felt in very safe hands. I’ve learnt so much, in such a short space of time, but I never felt hurried. Thanks again, it was a great experience.”

“I’ve really noticed a difference, like just that Standing Awareness, and how I might use it in normal things I’m doing - I realise I am checking with my body more. And that’s one of the things I really wanted to get from this, that’s great - even if it’s just a small step forward it feels really positive.”

“I went into the course feeling hopeful. I trust Emilie’s opinion and value her expertise and experience. I wasn’t disappointed! Although life has gotten in the way of me really using the Clinical Somatics exercises regularly, I still felt a huge shift in various ways as a result of participating in the class. I probably only practiced 8 times in 6 weeks. Each time I felt centred, grounded and more connected in to my own feelings and experience. My awareness of my body has really developed. Particularly my awareness of my posture, which is slowly improving. I’ve also found that I’m more able to notice sensations that might be a hint for me to step back from hard situations right at that moment - which has been very helpful! Emilie is a great facilitator, very knowledgeable and trauma informed, with a real focus on participants honouring our own needs and experience. Thank you Emilie, I’m so glad I did the course and I look forward to getting a regular practice going soon and reaping the benefits :) "

“Thank you so much for these past 6 weeks or so. I found the classes to be exactly what I needed to make me stop and take the time to tune in to my body. The exercises seem simple yet there is so much to them and I appreciate the awareness I have been developing to the nuances of the way my body moves. It is like making friends with a stranger, a stranger I often perceive as scary… yet she’s not! I can feel the difference this is making to being able to connect with myself. It’s hard to put into words. You are an awesome instructor/facilitator. I always felt like no question was a stupid question and I felt really safe in your hands. I have been recommending you and will continue to do so. I feel like your classes are a beautiful entry point for parents who are disconnected from themselves and resistant to body awareness. Love that you’re doing this!”

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