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Heart-centred life mentoring - supporting you to find your unique path, through body, mind and spirit explorations.

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Reconnect with peace, ease and flow in your life

Welcome to this space. I’m Emilie. I’m a heart-centred life mentor, with a deep body-mind-spirit wellness focus. I am a space holder, a listener, an encourager and a supporter – I guide people in reconnecting with their inner wisdom and healing. Through working with me, my beautiful heart clients develop everyday healing practices, increased self-compassion when things get hard, a sense of reconnection to themselves and to their own unique values and priorities, and a beautiful community connection to support them throughout their journey.


A gentle movement practice to bring increased freedom of movement and awareness to our soma (our body as we experience it).

  • Explore gentle, conscious movement
  • Develop awareness of body sensations
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Bring an increased sense of safety to your nervous system
  • Experience increased freedom of movement

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Learn to dance salsa in our func and friendly weekly classes

  • Learn to dance
  • Fun and friendly classes
  • Learn to dance
  • No need to book
  • Get fit
  • Find joy in movement

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What people are saying about Emilie

"I went into the course feeling hopeful. I trust Emilie’s opinion and value her expertise and experience. I wasn’t disappointed!"

Creating a safe space...

"You are an awesome instructor/facilitator. I always felt like no question was a stupid question and I felt really safe in your hands."

Participant in Beginner's Somatics course
On handling our own activations...

"So many triggers, over the past few weeks especially, that I’m able to recover from so much quicker. Your support and this work has been so instrumental in the self compassion I am able to bring myself."

Participant in Unlocking your Parenting Potential

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