Introduction to Somatics

Introduction to Somatics (one-off recorded session)

This beautiful 1.25-hour online pre-recorded session, will give you an experience of the amazing practice that is Somatics - so you can get a taste, before you join us for our 4-week beginner’s course!

This session is for you if:

You want to spend some time calming and settling your nervous system

You have chronic pain and want to learn an effective practice to support you to reduce your pain

You want to increase your awareness of your internal body sensations

You want a practice that helps with postural issues

You just want to take some time for yourself to relax!

You’ve never done Somatics before and want to give it a try

You’ve done Somatics before but want a refresher or a boost for your practice


I won’t go into what Somatics is all about here - nor how wonderful it is!! - because you can get a sense of that by visiting this page, or you can contact us if you have questions. But if you already know this is something you want to try, read on for more info!

This offering is a pre-recorded, ‘first steps’ session, to give you a taste of what Somatics is all about. You will be introduced to a little of the theory, as well as experiencing some foundational movements, that you can weave into your life as soon as you have watched the session. This is a very experiential session, designed to enable you to get a real feel for what Somatics is all about - so come ready to move!

What you will learn

  • The basic underlying theory of the Somatics approach
  • Foundational movements which you can practice at home
  • How Somatics supports your unique body
  • An effective way to settle your nervous system
  • How to become more aware of your own body sensations

How we do it?

In our 75-minute session, you will receive a grounding in the Somatics approach, including the basis of the theory underpinning the practice, and experiencing some of the foundational Somatics movements.

This is a highly practical and experiential session - you will need space to lie down on the floor, on a carpet or exercise mat, and preferably with enough space to spread your arms out to the sides (as if you were doing a snow angel!). Wear comfortable, flexible clothing for the best experience.

If you would like to take this life-changing practice further, you can sign up to our beautiful 4-week course, where you can either join a live run-through, or you can purchase the recorded version to access in your own time (available late Sept/early Oct 2023).

If you wish to connect with others doing this amazing work, you would be made most welcome in our wellbeing community.

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I am trained to deliver Clinical Somatics self-care exercises, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. I received my training under Sarah Warren, at the Somatic Movement Center. In my pure Somatics classes, I teach only the Clinical Somatics self-care approach and movements - although I may add some guided relaxation at the ends of the classes.

On signing up for this offering, you will receive links to all the resources you need - please note, as I only work part-time, it may take a day or two to hear back from me with the links.

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Session details

1x 1.25-hour online session (via recording)

Pre-requisites: none

Suitable for those who are able to lie down on the floor - get in touch if you are unsure

Exchange: £7 for the session, including access to extra teaching videos

Reflections from Introduction session attendees

“I was unable to attend the session live and have had the recorded session in my inbox for 3 months now. I finally found time to do it and I wish I’d done it earlier! I had no idea what Somatics was about and I found it very enjoyable and loved taking the time to rest my body and learn about controlling my movements. Even during the practice I noticed how much more comfortable my lower back was, and my hips felt softer/happier (!) after the practice too. I’m looking forward to doing some more Somatics to help me slow down and learn to listen to my body more. Thank you so much Emilie!”

“My back was really bad this morning and just finishing that then, it felt, I mean it’s still there, but it didn’t feel quite as bad. So it’s a really nice feeling - I just feel more relaxed generally.”

“That was amazing, thank you!”

For more reflections on Somatics, you can visit the Testimonials tab on the Somatics beginner’s course page.

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