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Somatic Movement is a gentle movement education modality, originally developed by Thomas Hanna, which retrains your nervous system to release chronic muscle tension caused by trauma, stress, injury or habits. It is a slow, conscious form of physical movement, and is suitable for all abilities. It is a wonderful way to gently relieve chronic pain, to reduce stress, and to become more aware of your internal sensations, which is essential for learning new patterns - and getting out of old ones. You’ll find all of my Somatic Movement offerings here on this page. Visit the blog to find out more about how Somatic Movement works, and how it can benefit you.

What is Somatic Movement?


If you want to experience a taste of Somatic Movement, you can access a free recorded short session here.



Find out more about the benefits of Somatic Movement, and how it works, on my blog.

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Getting Started

Introduction to Somatics

If you would like to experience more than just a taste, and try out a full session, my low-cost recorded Introduction to Somatic Movement is for you.

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Relax & Restore

Attend live, online, drop-in classes, to explore Somatic Movement and experience how it can benefit you.

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Beginner course

For a more in-depth exploration, my Somatic Movement Beginner’s Course will give you a solid foundation to work from.

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Keeping Going


To join a regular group class, you can join our membership community.

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1-1 consultations

I have limited availability for 1:1 sessions. These sessions can be useful once you’ve started your Somatic Movement practice, and want to dig deeper into a specific area.

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