One-to-one support for your wellbeing and healing.

I have limited availability for one-to-one sessions for Somatics work.

I maintain a waiting list for my one-to-one work, and prioritise those I am already working with. Please get in touch if you would like me to contact you when I have sessions available, and please include a short description of what you would like support with. There is no commitment at this stage.

Sessions are carried out via Zoom. Please note, I currently only have potential availability for 1:1 work on Saturday mornings (London time) - I do not have availability at other times. My overall availability is limited - a sequence of sessions will be agreed and booked as we go, and I am likely to be able to offer fortnightly sessions at the most frequent.

Sessions last 60m and are charged as follows:

£70 for a single session. (Single sessions are useful as support for a specific issue you encounter whilst taking a course/attending drop-ins, or as a lead-in before attending a group course.)

£200 for a block of 3 sessions (saving £10 on my single session rate) - to be taken within 3 months of booking.

£370 for a block of 6 sessions (saving £50 on my single session rate) - to be taken within 6 months of booking.




Requirements for Somatics:

  • Preferably a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.

  • Room to lie on the floor (on a carpet or exercise mat) and spread arms and legs out.

  • If you are unable to lie on the floor, I will work with you in seated - a kitchen-type chair (flat seat, upright back) is ideal.

  • Zoom (free download).

  • Ability to position the camera so I can see most or all of your body when you are lying on the floor (or at very least your torso) or sitting in the chair.

  • Intention to create space to practise between sessions.

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Individual consultations are tailored to suit your needs. There will be time for discussion and for setting intentions at the beginnings of our sessions. The majority of our time together will be working with practical tools to support you in your aims - for example around reducing chronic pain, increasing body awareness, and increasing freedom of movement. We complete the sessions with integration time, and time for sharing and questions.


“I have been doing Somatics with Emilie for a little while now. It has had an amazing effect on my freedom and ease of movement in ways that I didn’t realise I was missing. As a simple example, I hadn’t realised that I would lean against something when putting socks on standing up, and can now balance and move freely enough that I have no need for something to lean on.

I have done a number of 1-1 sessions with Emilie and these have been great for allowing me to focus on specific areas. For the longest time, I thought I had one leg shorter than the other. After working to build up my awareness of my body and release tension in areas that I didn’t realise were carrying it, today I stood and felt “even” - I have matching length legs! Walking felt strange for a couple of minutes at the end of the session as my body was re-learning walking with two even-length legs, but now feels fabulous and even my breathing feels improved!

It’s not over-stating it to say that Somatics with Emilie has had a profound effect on my sense of health and well-being!”

“Thank you for this experience! I had heard of somatics, but didn’t have a real frame of reference for what it is. This experience has been eye opening. These seeming small movements greatly affect the way my body feels, holds tension, and its balance. I cannot thank you enough for sharing somatics with me!”

“Thank you Emilie, it’s just been a real revelation, and such a door opening on a whole new sort of physical, mental healing opportunity, so I’m so grateful, just thanks so so much, it’s been brilliant.”

“This week I noticed a new internal sensation when I get angry (I feel a tight band of muscles constrict around my upper chest, under my arms). I was quite surprised to feel it! This is great because I can make a mental note to watch for that sensation as a trigger that it’s time to be more intentionally mindful and step away if needed.”

“I’ve really noticed a difference, like just that Standing Awareness, and how I might use it in normal things I’m doing - I realise I am checking with my body more. And that’s one of the things I really wanted to get from this, that’s great - even if it’s just a small step forward it feels really positive.”

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